Category B

     Category "B" claims were claims submitted by individuals who suffered serious personal injury or whose spouse, child or parent died as a result of Iraq's invasion and occupation of Kuwait. Compensation for successful claims in this category was set at US$2,500 for individuals and up to US$10,000 for families. The Commission received approximately 6,000 category "B" claims submitted by forty-seven Governments and seven offices of three international organisations, seeking a total of approximately US$20 million in compensation.

     In December 1995, the Commission concluded the category "B" claims processing programme, and the relevant reports of the panel of commissioners pertaining to these claims can be found here. The Governing Council awarded US$13,450,000 in compensation which was made available from January 1994 to December 1996 for distribution to the approximately 3900 successful claimants.


Relevant decisions of the Governing Council - Category B

Decisions of the Governing Council that pertain to Category "B" can be found here in chronological order: