Category C

     Category "C" claims were individual claims for damages up to US$100,000 each. Category "C" claims included twenty-one different types of losses, including those relating to departure from Kuwait or Iraq; personal injury; mental pain and anguish; loss of personal property; loss of bank accounts, stocks and other securities; loss of income; loss of real property; and individual business losses. The Commission received approximately 1.7 million category "C" claims submitted by eighty-five Governments and eight offices of three international organisations, seeking a total of approximately US$11.5 billion in compensation. This includes a consolidated category "C" claim submitted by the Central Bank of the Government of Egypt on behalf of over 800,000 workers in Iraq for the non-transfer of remittances by Iraqi banks to beneficiaries in Egypt. This consolidated Egyptian category "C" claim comprised 1,240,000 individual claims with an asserted value of approximately US$491 million.

     Category "C" claims were processed in seven instalments. In June 1999, the Commission concluded the processing of category "C" claims, with the exception of certain "late-filed" claims which were processed between 2003 and 2005. The reports of the panel of Commissioners for this category can be found here.

     The Governing Council awarded more than US$5.1 billion in compensation to successful category "C" claimants.

Relevant decisions of the Governing Council - Category C

Decisions of the Governing Council pertaining to the Category "C" claims can be found here in chronological order: