Category D

     Category "D" claims were individual claims for damages above US$100,000 each. The types of losses that could be claimed under category "D" was similar to those under category "C", with the most frequent being the loss of personal property; the loss of real property; the loss of income and business-related losses. The Commission received approximately 12,000 category "D" claims submitted by fifty Governments and eight offices of three international organisations, seeking a total of approximately US$16.5 billion in compensation. The reports of the panel of Commissioners for this category can be found here.

     The Commission concluded its processing of all category "D" claims in 2005. More than 10,000 claimants were awarded approximately US$3.3 billion in compensation. 

Decisions of the Governing Council - Category D

Decisions of the Governing Council pertaining to Category "D" claims can be found here in reverse chronological order: