Claim 5000256 - Remediation of damage to groundwater resources (US$41,531,463)

     Kuwait was awarded US$41,531,463 to treat and remediate groundwater within the only two freshwater aquifers in North Kuwait, namely Raudhatain and Umm Al-Aish. Those aquifers were contaminated as a result of the infiltration of seawater used to fight oil well fires, contaminants from oil recovery pits and oil lakes, and leakage from damaged oil well heads. 

     The project plan includes the cleanup of 5.5 million m³ of contaminated groundwater at Umm Al-Aish and 9.5 million m³  at Raudhatain. It is being implemented in two major phases: phase I over a period of five years which will include extensive monitoring and evaluation of the best remediation procedures and techniques through pilot scale remediation; and phase II over a 15-year period to implement full-scale actual remediation based on the results of phase I.