UN Security Council Resolutions

        Security Council resolution 687 (1991) reaffirmed Iraq’s liability under international law for any direct loss or damage, including environmental damage and the depletion of natural resources, or injury to foreign governments, nationals and corporations, resulting from Iraq’s unlawful invasion and occupation of Kuwait. Security Council resolution 692 (1991) established the United Nations Compensation Fund to pay compensation for claims that fell within these categories, and the Commission to administer the Fund.

Decisions of the Governing Council

          Decisions adopted by the Governing Council from the Commission's inception to closure are set out below in reverse chronological order:

Reports and Recommendations of the Panels of Commissioners

        The role of the Commissioners, who completed their work in June 2005, was to verify and evaluate claims. They worked in panels of three and comprised 59 experts in areas such as law, accounting, loss judgement, assessment of environmental damage and engineering. Following their review, they prepared reports and recommendations for consideration by the Governing Council.

          Those reports by claim category are contained in this section:

Article 41 Reports of the Executive Secretary

         Article 41 of the Provisional Rules for Claims Procedure (annexed to Decision 10 (1992)) provided for corrections to awards due to computational, clerical, typographical or other errors. The reports of the Executive Secretary under Article 41 considered and subsequently adopted by the Governing Council are set out below in reverse chronological order: