Islamic Republic of Iran

     The 1990-91 invasion of Kuwait by Iraq saw enormous destruction that widely affected the region. The fallout of smoke plumes and transport of chemicals and hazardous material affected Iran in addition to the rangeland degradation that occurred due to the influx of refugees and their livestock.

     The Islamic Republic of Iran had two claim awards subject to the Programme: one award in the amount of US$332,200 to monitor the incidence of cancer and the other award in the amount of US$188,760 for restoration of the rangelands. The projects using the award funds have been completed with a summary of each set out in the following sections.

Claim 5000394 - Monitoring of incidence of Cancer (US$332,200)

     With the award funds, Iran retrospectively examined the incidence of cancer in the affected areas and established a comprehensive death registry for all provinces and morbid cancer registry for certain provinces most affected by the pollution from the conflict.  

Claim 5000456 - Restoration of rangelands (US$188,760)

     The Islamic Republic of Iran was awarded US$188,760 to remediate 220 hectares of rangeland that was damaged due to the influx of refugees during Iraq's invasion and occupation of Kuwait.