The Secretariat of the Compensation Commission was headed by the Executive Secretary who was appointed by the UN Secretary-General after consultation with the Governing Council.  Over the years, the staff of the Secretariat came from approximately 60 different countries and at the height of claims processing, the Secretariat was made up of approximately 300 lawyers, accountants, loss adjusters and information technology specialists.

     The Secretariat serviced the Governing Council, providing administrative, technical and legal support. During the claims processing phase of the work programme, the Secretariat also provided similar support to the panels of Commissioners.

     With the completion of claims processing in 2007, the UNCC Secretariat downsized to a residual format in line with a decision taken by the Governing Council at its fifty-eighth session in December 2005 to maintain the Compensation Fund under the continuing oversight of the Governing Council, supported by a small Secretariat, until payment in full of all awarded claims.